Who are we?
We are a member owned co operative who currently have 1900 members in Wales, and are one of 12 similar businesses through Wales and England. Click here to view the website of the Machinery Ring Association.

What is our aim?
To encourage a sustainable future to both agriculture and the rural way of life in Wales through the sharing of resources between members. As a member owned company we are driven by the needs and demands of our members. With the introduction of SFP and the reduction in this payment over the next years ahead it is even more important for you to look at your input costs, especially machinery and labour.

The Ring Option

Compare the Machinery Ring option to owning a machine or relying on a specific contractor. Consider the following:


  • Ownership – the prefered option, but…
  • Do I have enough work to justify it?
  • Do I have the staff to operate it?
  • What about unexpected breakdowns?
  • Can I finance it?


  • Rely on a specific Contractor / neighbour, but
  • When will they finish their own?
  • Will they honestly tell me when they will arrive?
  • What about unexpected breakdowns?
  • Will I be charged a fair rate?


  • The best option – Get the Machinery Ring in
  • A large choice of suppliers
  • A large choice of machines and services
  • A replacement if breakdown occurs
  • Fair rates
  • Multiple machines available
  • New System Evaluation
  • Third party arbitration
  • A chance to earn extra income yourself
  • Large organisation
  • Save money